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We are the official and exclusive distributor of Allergy Guardian Anti Dust Mite Bedding Covers (Encasing) for Australia and New Zealand, based in Western Australia.


Our bedding encasings are manufactured in the USA to the highest standard using fabrics which are only exclusively available to Allergy Guardian. With our direct access to the manufacturer, you can be assured of receiving high quality, internationally developed products, with local support and delivery.


Since you are here, you’re likely one of the 2 million Australians who suffers from allergies. Allergies have become an increasingly common chronic disease which impacts one in six people. Seasonal or food allergies most often come up when allergies are discussed, however many people suffer from indoor allergies that impact them in the home.


Allergens from dust mites, pets and mould at home can cause symptoms throughout the year. It’s our goal to help you reduce these allergens, create a healthier home and enjoy a healthier lifestyle. Having allergies is difficult, but the good news is that you have discovered the best and most helpful destination for Prevention, Manage and Control of your allergy.


Our company specialises in the supply of high quality and high performance bedding encasings for all allergy sufferers. Unlike many other encasings out in the market that are the fitted style, our encasings are FULLY ENCASED and made of fabrics specifically designed to block allergens. This provides you with greater protection to assist in reducing your allergen load and give you a restful night sleep.

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