ULTIMATE Cover delivers all of the comfort features that you love about cotton, along with superior allergen and bed bug protection. The 100% natural cotton fibers feel wonderfully soft and wick away moisture for total sleeping comfort. Cleanroom standard construction and a 3.6 micron pore size provide top protection from dust mites, pet dander and bed bugs. Competitively-priced compared to similar encasings, you’ll receive an unbeatable value with these high performance, ultra comfortable, and superior quality cotton encasings.


  • 1Advanced 100% Luxurious Eco-Friendly natural cotton barrier fabric blocks dust mite and pet allergen.
  • 2Lowest Pore Size Cotton in the market at 3.6 micron.
  • 3Bed bug protection protects you and your bedding.
  • 4Soft, Cool and Natural for absolute sleeping comfort.
  • 5Made to exceptional Cleanroom quality standards.
  • 6Made in the USA.



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