We are the exclusive distributor of Allergy Guardian Encasings. These bedding encasings are manufactured in the USA to the highest standard using fabrics which are only exclusively available to Allergy Guardian. 


Our range consists of Pillow, Mattress and Quilt Covers encasings in the following fabric options:


Our Premium anti dust mite encasings feature a patented, low irritant, soft, breathable fabric with an average pore size of only 2.4 microns to block the escape of dust mite and pet allergens and protect against dust mites and bed bugs.


Our Ultimate anti dust mite encasings are made from 100% natural cotton fibres with a pore size of 3.6 microns, providing top protection from dust mites, pet dander and bed bugs. Our Ultimate Care encasings are wonderfully soft and wick away moisture for total sleeping comfort.


  • 1Fully Encased
  • 2CLASS 1 Medical Device
  • 3Lowest Pore Size (2.4 microns and 3.6 microns)
  • 4Membrane FREE (Say NO to Polyurethane)
  • 5Breathable
  • 6Feel ‘Invisible under the bed
  • 4No Noise
  • 5Soft, Cool and Natural
  • 6Made in the USA

Why Do I Need to Cover  My Bed, Quilt and Pillow?

Your bed, quilt and pillow are the greatest source of allergens and where you are directly exposed to allergens for an extended time. As a result, physicians recommend encasings as a top priority for allergy relief.  Just remember that you spend on average 8 hours sleeping on your bed.  That is the a third of your day!

What Is an Encasing or Bedding Covers?

Encasings block allergens and create a protective layer between you and the allergens in your bed. An encasing zips completely around your pillow, mattress and quilt or parts of the bed to block allergens so you don’t inhale and get into contact with them throughout the night.

Will and Encasing Make Me Uncomfortable At Night?

High quality encasings like Allergy Guardian’s are made from soft, breathable fabrics. They feel “invisible” on the bed. You won’t feel them under your linens, yet the high performance fabrics will block allergens to give you the relief you need.

What is Pore Size?

A critical encasing reference point is pore size. The smaller the pore size, the better the encasing’s allergen-blocking ability. A major scientific study indicated that pore size must be under 4 microns for dust mite and pet dander protection. Allergy Guardian encasings feature small pore sizes to protect you from dust mite and pet allergens. 

Do I Need to Encase All Parts of the Bed?

Scientific studies prove the effectiveness of encasing the bed (even down to the box spring). Bedding that can’t be encased should be washed weekly to remove allergens.

Are All Encasings or Protectors Alike?

No. Quality makes a big difference in the level of protection and comfort you receive. Lesser quality encasings are often made from uncomfortable, hot and noisy fabrics such as Polyurethane and Terry Cotton. They do not offer the same protection or their inferior construction allows allergens to escape. Construction is critical to prevent the escape of dust mite allergens or bed bugs from bedding. Allergy Guardian encasings feature advanced allergy-blocking fabrics that feel soft and supple. Our unique sewing details include double-stitched seams, superior zippers and an extra layer of fabric over all seams to prevent leakage at the zipper area.